Casarecce Avvantaggiate

Casarecce Avvantaggiate

Pasta ‘Avvantaggiata’, enriched with  all the goodness of wholemeal flour and Ligurian .

Wholemeal pasta has long been an integral part of the diet in Liguria. The milling of refined flour led to much of the total volume of the wheat being lost in the process, meaning that very few families could in fact afford the ‘luxury’ of white pasta. In the majority of households therefore, pasta was made with the flour  from the entire grain of wheat  which included the fibre-rich bran and all the precious nutrients of the whole grain. For this reason Pasta made with this flour came to be known locally as ‘avvantaggae’ or ‘avvantaggiata’ : literally with an advantage, or in other words, enriched.

Our wholemeal pasta is just that: enriched with all the nutritional qualities that wholemeal flour can bring to a healthy, balanced diet with the added flavor of this wholesome ingredient. The perfect starting point for the basis of a Mediterranean diet.

Product Details

Pasta Type: Wholemeal Durum Wheat Pasta

Processing: Short Pasta

Packaging: Bag

Weight: 500gr

Cooking Time: 5 minutes

EAN Code: 8007138000478

Item Code: 31IN

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