Signorine alle castagne

Signorine alle castagne

For over seven centuries Chestnut trees have sustained and accompanied the lives of the inland dwellers in the Ligurian Mountains. Up until the Second World War they were at the centre of the rural economy here in the Apennine mountains.
A profound and deep-rooted culture has evolved around the Chestnut tree, and versatility of the Chestnut in the kitchen has decidedly helped to contribute to that in forming what today can only be described as a rich gastronomic patrimony. Pasta, bread and many other specialities deriving from Chestnuts are both a testament and symbol to the importance of this special ingredient to our valley.
Known in some areas as Pasta Matta, Pasta made with Chestnut flour is still greatly appreciated today and despite its humble origins has become increasingly renowned as a gourmet alternative to traditional pasta.
Our Signorine alle Castagne are a new shape which make the most of this delicious pasta’s ability to capture flavour and bond with chunkier sauces. Try it with wild mushrooms, game ragu or see our serving suggestions.
Chestnut Pasta is the perfect luxury, comfort food; warming the body and soul and letting you experience with each bite; a taste of our traditions and a little bit of the joys of winter and the great outdoors.

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Serving Ideas for Chestnut Pasta

Product Details

Pasta Type: Pasta of Durum Wheat Semolina with chestnut flour

Processing: Short Pasta

Packaging: Bag

Weight: 500gr

Cooking Time: 5 minutes

EAN Code: 8007138000386

Item Code: 86FC

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