A Taste of our traditions

Nestled in the Apennine mountains the village of Montoggio, in the Scrivia Valley and just inland from the city of Genoa in the coastal province of Liguria, Northern Italy, our artisan pasta factory “Pastificio Artigianale Alta Valle Scrivia”  has been home for the last three decades to one of the most emblematic culinary traditions of Italy: PASTA.

Our specialities.

Durum Wheat Semolina Ambient Pasta
Pasta extruded through bronze dies
Traditional Ligurian pasta
Organic pasta
Pasta for third parties (private labels)


Since 1994 the business has grown, thanks to the appreciation and support from our Italian customers, leading to the construction  of our state of the art site in our home town of Montoggio. For the last ten years the company boasts an area of more than 1,700 square meters which include solar facilities, three technologically advanced production lines and an optimized warehousing system.

Our Commitment to respecting the environment, from the installation of a photovoltaic system, to our daily commitment to a sustainable work ethic are the key to the success of our pasta factory: equipped with modern facilities and high safety standards  that allow us day after day to be one of the main players in the sector.  Our unique blend of tradition, innovation and Artisan know-how allows us to provide an unadulterated product while progressively optimizing the production process.

We believe in the dedication and expertise that accompanies the selection of our ingredients as well as the careful training of our highly qualified personnel. These are the basic principles of our drive to satisfy every customer with a genuine product of unmistakable flavour. The constant and accurate control of quality, allows our products to be free from preservatives and ensure a shelf life of approximately twenty four months.

For this reason, production still takes place today in the traditional way: made exclusively with spring water and high quality durum wheat flour from the best Italian mills; attentively watched over at every step; from the mixture of the dough to the extrusion through bronze dyes as well as the slow and natural drying process at low temperature.

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