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The rich heritage of our mountains

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Attention to detail

As artisan producers we pride ourselves on the details: the high-quality ingredients we use, the family-run work ethic, plus our 30 years experience in artisan pasta-making techniques, all from our state-of-the-art, BRC CERTIFIED site.

Bronze Extraction And A Natural Drying Process

The extraction through bronze dies gives our pasta that distinctive roughness and porosity that allows the sauce to meld perfectly with it. Coupled with a long, natural drying process that retains all the flavour and organoleptic properties of the pasta, garanteeing that classic ‘al dente’ bite that Artisan pasta is famous for.  



At the heart of what makes our pasta special is it’s roots in Ligurian culture and local cuisine. Our Traditional Ligurian shapes offer the curious cook a wide-range of unique, traditional pastas to help discover and enjoy the vast array of delicious, healthy recipes from our beautiful coastal Region. Check out the Video Recipes here or via the qrcode on the pack for each of our pasta shapes.

Tradition intertwined with the latest Innovation are at the heart of our Artisan Pasta

With 12 types of Short Cut pasta , 7 types of Long pasta, 13 traditional Ligurian Shapes,
other regional Italian Specialities and 4 types of Laminated pasta
we are proud to offer a wide range of real Italian Pasta, from the classic Farfalle to the Genoese Croxetti
something for everyday and every occasion.

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